Bringing many forms of art to Droitwich Spa

Droitwich Arts Festival. Four weeks of mostly free events.
Music, art, crafts, dance, exhibitions, drama, and poetry.

Saturday Highlights:
21st July – Arts in View (Library, Victoria Square, and St Andrews Square)
28th July – Music on the hour, every hour (St Andrews Square)
30th June – Opening Day, and Dance (St Andrews Square)
7th July – Interactive Public Art (Near the High Street). Evening Music Event (St Andrews Square)
14th July – Families and Children (Victoria Square). High School Music Showcase (St Andrews Square)

Spoken Word Highlights:
17th July – St Andrew’s Church, 7.30pm. Fun and furious readings on Womanhood. Click here for details
21st July – Prose and Poetry readings in St Andrews Square and Victoria Square during the day
21st July – Poetry Extravaganza. Park’s Cafe, 7.30pm. Click here for details

Art Highlights:
21st July – Artists at Work alfresco. Victoria Square from 10.30am. Click here for details
21st July – Photo Walk.
Meet just before 2.30pm at Droitwich Library. Click here for details 
Every day Droitwich library is open
– Free exhibition of art upstairs in the Gallery Room and on the landing
Most days when Droitwich library is open – Artists in residence in the foyer

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