21 July 19.30 – “Alan, Alec and Bert”

17-07-21 19:30 - 17-07-21 21:00
St Andrew's Church
St Andrew's St, Droitwich WR9 8HE, UK

A monologue written and performed by David Izod, in St Andrew’s Church.

‘Pay What You Want’ Event. We suggest a contribution of £3 per person, but you can pay more, or pay less.

We’ve all got parents. And, if the natural order of the world allows, we will all lose them at some point.  However much we think we know them, death always brings with it a re-evaluation of those we have lost.
When his Dad died in early 2016, David Izod went on a journey into the past, a journey that saw him learn more not only about his father, Alan, but also about his Grandfather, Bert and his Grandfather’s best friend, Alec, whose lives, it turned out, were intertwined with David’s on a much closer level than ever he knew. Moving from the Edwardian slums of North London to the fields of Flanders and rainy Thursday nights in modern day Cheltenham, this new 75 minute monologue is by turns both hilariously funny and desperately sad. While it tells the story of David’s Dad, it is really telling the story of all of us: we have all got parents and not one of us chose them.

“Funny, sad, and totally engaging”

David Izod
Between 1989-1998, David Izod toured Britain and Europe with a series of autobiographical monologues that documented the milestones of his life: the death of his mother (Fiction from New York), trying to make a living as a writer (Fred Couldn’t Make it), the passing of sporting heroes (Thanks Bobby), and his experience as a cancer patient (The Teratoma Show). A regular at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, David worked alone until The Teratoma Show when he teamed up with musician Pete Williams (from Dexy’s Midnight Runners) to create a show that toured for four years, playing in venues across the country from Truro to Scunthorpe. 
After a break of nearly ten years, David returned to The Tramway Theatre in Glasgow in 2007 with ‘The Bill Dixon Memorial Tour’ that told the story of what it was like to turn forty, get dumped by his girlfriend and take up cycling, a passion that saw him cycle alone from Lands End to John O’Groats. 

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