25 July 19.30 – Graham Short – Known as ‘The Hands of Genius’ for his micro-art

17-07-25 19:30 - 17-07-25 21:00
Droitwich Old Library / CVS Community Hub
The Old Library Centre, 65 Ombersley St E, Droitwich WR9 8QS, UK

A presentation by Graham Short in Droitwich Old Library.

‘Pay What You Want’ Event. We suggest a contribution of £4 per person, but you can pay more, or pay less.

“How I engraved The Lord’s Prayer on the head of a gold pin, and a portrait of HM The Queen on a speck of gold inside the eye of a needle”. Known as ‘The Hands of Genius’ for his micro-art, Graham Short will explain how he goes to both physical and mental extremes to produce the highest-quality engravings in the world. Graham’s desire to produce an engraving so small as to be illegible to the naked eye led him to producing The Lord’s Prayer, engraved on the head of a gold pin.

 Graham has appeared in television news items in 42 countries, been the subject of a Discovery Channel documentary, and in 2015 his story was told at the Annual Arts and Film Festival in Hollywood, California.

This could be the most unusual and entertaining power-point presentation you are likely to see – by the micro-artist responsible for engraving Jane Austen’s portrait on four £5 notes – full of amusing anecdotes of his involvement with the Royal Family, Uri Geller, Ronnie Barker, Kim Kardashian, astronaut Neil Armstrong, and other celebrities.

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