Waitrose Community Matters

Shop at Waitrose and help raise funds for ArtsFest 2018

Droitwich ArtsFest has been selected by Waitrose to be part of its Community Matters Scheme during May.

Please make as many purchases as you can from Waitrose in Droitwich, obtain a token, and vote for Droitwich ArtsFest. We are up against two other organisations. ArtsFest will receive a portion of £1,000 based on our share of the total number of tokens. Spending a lot of money at once provides one token. Spending a small amount of money provides one token. Therefore you can increase our share of the £1,000  by making many  visits to buy small items.

Voting started on Tuesday 1st May and ends on Thursday 31st May 2018.

Although most ArtsFest events are free to attend it costs a significant amount of money to deliver the festival. Last year it cost about £5,000 to deliver 3 weeks and 4 weekends of events. ArtsFest 2018 starts on Saturday 30 June and will last 4 weeks and 5 weekends, ending on Saturday 28 July. The current cost estimate is over £7,000. That is why we need your help! The money will help to raise the profile of DAN by delivering a successful festival.

To vote
Make a purchase of any value. Ensure you receive a token, and vote.


  • Cast your vote as soon as you receive your token
  • Only use a Waitrose token when voting
  • Encourage your friends and family to get involved with the voting.

Do not:

  • Influence customers casting their vote
  • Encourage anyone to submit multiple tokens when voting
  • Tamper with the voting unit
  • Promote our project in the store without permission from the Store Manager
  • Collect tokens from other stores.