Looking back to ArtsFest 2017
Droitwich ArtsFest 2017 lasted 3 weeks and offered a variety of artistic events. A number of people including the Mayor of Droitwich suggested that ArtsFest 2018 should last 4 weeks.

Looking back to ArtsFest 2018
ArtsFest 2018 lasted 4 weeks and 5 weekends and included aspects not covered in 2017 such as Dance and Arts activities for families and young people. 

– To provide opportunities for all members of Droitwich Arts Network (DAN) to showcase their skills and work
– To engage the general public in a wide variety of artistic activities, increasing footfall in the town
– To enable members of the public to learn and experience a wide range of art forms
– To encourage all sections of the community to attend public events
– To generate a sense of social well-being, and pride in Droitwich and its rich heritage
– To break even financially.

– Events provided by DAN members, and totally under our control
– External artists and performers commissioned by ArtsFest, paid or free, under our control
– Third party events that the organiser agrees to include in our programme with no cost and low risk to ArtsFest.

Having said that we aim to break even financially there will be significant costs in commissioning artists and performers, and in promoting the festival via brochures, banners etc. Funding and sponsorship is essential.

Timing & Duration
ArtsFest 2019 dates to be confirmed.

Who are we?
Droitwich Spa ArtsFest is organised by Droitwich Arts Network (DAN). You can find more information about us at  Droitwich Arts Network, started in 2010 to advocate and champion, all forms of art in Droitwich. This includes visual arts, performing arts, photography, media, written, music and crafts. The network provides opportunities for artists to display or perform their work, and for the public to participate in various projects.
Please contact us if you would like to participate in ArtsFest 2018, or if you are thinking of joining DAN.

Please email: with any suggestions or requests for information.

Information as at 28th February 2019